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Hello everyone,

I was hoping to be writing this just before the start of the craft fair season with the first due to have been in three weeks time. Unfortunately due to what is happening in the world it doesn't look like there will be any craft fairs any time soon.

You may have also noticed the slim down version of the website. We have tried to concentrate on the parts in which people are interested; the pictures and how to order them.

Due to the current situation I have decided to sell my pictures either with or without the frames. This will help keep the cost down and allow you to choose your own frame should you so wish. This way you can still buy my pictures and I don't have to worry about sending them through the post and risk them being damaged.

All pictures are sewn on beige linen and, as with all my pictures, there are two sizes.

Small designs will be £15 without the frame and £20 with. The size of the frame is 12" x 10" (33cm x 28cm).

Large designs will be £20 without the frame and £25 with. The size of the frame is 14" x 11" (38cm x 31cm).

Please contact me either through the website or my email address of with your orders or requests.


Please stay safe everyone.