My name is Ann Robinson and, though I have been sewing most of my life, I have been doing machine embroidery for the past five years and was hooked straight away.

I would love to be able to say that I have drawn and digitalized all of the designs myself but I can only claim that for a small number of them.

I have collected many designs from the famous artists and digitalizes Nicola Elliott (Picture Stitch) and Elaine Ennis (Titanic Creations).

With the kind permission of Alexander Millar, the famous Scottish artist, Meryl Robinson has digitalized my drawings depicting northern life which are often humorous and fascinating.

My love of drawing and embroidery combined creates the most stunning work as either a piece of art, a unique gift or a keepsake of a memorable occasion.

I have so many other styles, too many to mention, and my collection grows every week. I can often be seen at numerous craft fairs and shows throughout the summer months where the reaction to my pictures is truly heartwarming.

I can personalize to the customers’ requirements, please ask me for details.

I use a Brother V3 embroidery machine and quality Madeira thread which feels and looks like silk and has a lovely luster to the finished product.

Thank you for your interest shown in my web site and please call back. I will be adding new designs on a regular basis.

Embroidered Picture This

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